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Pressure gauges. Introduction

CITEC pressure gauges include a full range from mbar to 7000 bar. Environmental conditions, type of fluid and pressure determine the type of construction: plastic, steel or stainless steel housing with stainless steel or brass mechanism, with liquid filled version in case of vibrations or pressure pulsations. A comprehensive range of accessories allows all installation types, with protection to overpressure, distance measurement or resistance to high temperatures. For applications with alarm or control, CITEC offers pressure gauges with electric contacts or 4-20mA output.

CITEC pressure transmitters have a range from vacuum to 4000 bar with accuracies up to 0.01%. Submersible and sanitary versions are also available. Pressure switches presented in this catalog are designed for process applications but other series for general industry are also available.

In case of viscous, pasty, corrosive or toxic media, or to meet safety or hygiene standards, CITEC offers a complete range of diaphragm seals to be mounted on pressure instruments, with different type of material according applications.

For testing or calibration needs, CITEC offers mechanical and digital test gauges with accuracies up to 0.01%. CITEC provides also comparison pumps, calibrators and recorders. CITEC laboratory issues calibration certificates.